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The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro

We are pleased to announce the opening of The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro -- a place to start, finish, or linger!

We have always described ourselves as "one part Cheese Shop, and one part Cheese Bistro." Now The Cheese Bistro has taken on a life of its own, while still expressing our values of quality, simplicity, a slow pace, and friendship.

Located at 200B Walnut Street, in between local favorites La Luz and The Silver Grill, The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro provides a warm, inviting space with Old World charm. Come in and have a seat at one of our tables. Our friendly servers will bring you four menus:

  • Peasant Fare Menu:
    Food once eaten by peasants, then elevated to expensive delicacies, now served to you in affordable bite-sized portions for your enjoyment.
  • The Cheese Menu:
    Read through our list of cheeses with their descriptions, and make note of the ones you want to add to your cheese plate. (Don't forget to consider the charcuteries, olives, demi baguettes, and chocolates.)
  • The "Sushi" Menu:
    As you decide which cheeses to add to your plate, mark the boxes next to your desired cheeses and charcuteries. (Each one counts as one serving, and each serving is plenty for two people to get a good taste of the cheese.)
  • The Wine Menu:
    Our wine selections are compiled seasonally by sundry friends who love wine. You can order them by the flight so you can sample several wines, or by the bottle, glass, or half glass.
  • The Beer Menu:
    With it being Ft. Collins, of course we have a choice of beers and ciders from several of our local breweries.

A short while after you've made your selections, your server will bring your choices to you, arranged on a slate. The server will talk you through your cheeses, making suggestions as how best to enjoy them.

You'll quickly move beyond eating cheese to enjoying the full experience of The Welsh Rabbit.

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Would you like to take home more of the cheese that you enjoyed on your cheese plate? Well, that's why we are also a Cheese Shop...!

We have unique gift ideas at The Welsh Rabbit. Walk around the corner and browse through our cheese related Gifts.... We also offer Gift Certificates, Gift Bags, and Gift Boxes!