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Gift Boxes and Baskets

Our Gift Boxes provide unique gifts for family and friends. Feel free to choose from some of our prebuilt options: -- Local, Shop Favorites, Italian Cuisine and All Meat -- or create your own Gift Box! We can do it all and accommodate most needs, all we need is a budget and 24 hours. The cheeses selected for these Gift Boxes travel well, so they are ideal for shipping. (Please note that the prices below do not include shipping.) Each of the Gift Boxes will be created to order by one of our cheesemongers, and is beautifully packaged into locally sourced beetle kill pine boxes that have been crafted by the artisan behind Pin and Scroll. To order a Gift Box, contact us at our shop location, or fill out our Gift Request Form. Read below for more details. Please note: Occasionally we sell out of one or more of the cheeses and/or accoutraments. (People love them!) If that happens, we promise to supply another great-tasting product that suits the needs of each gift box.

Cheese Platters

Have us do the work and bring a Cheese Platter to your next holiday party. Just like the gift boxes we just need a budget, some ideas on your favorites, and how many to feed. We now can add many of our accruements with a large selection of crackers and biscuits, artisan chocolates, various jams and spreads, specially Real Dill pickles, artisan pastas and spaces, welsh rabbit brand clothing and boards, Opinel French knives, and many more goodies. Feel free to stop in and pick for yourself or give us a call and our cheesemongers are always willing to pick our most popular and favorites ourselves. Just give at least 24 hours before the event.

Cheese of the Month Club

We now have cheese of the month club!! Incredibly fun gift this holiday season for those who are cheese lovers! Starting at $29.95 your loved one will receive two types of cheese and crackers each month. Then you can always add on more cheese, salami, or a different accruement each month. Every month has a different theme and are some of the more rare and interesting cheeses we bring in. For the loved ones that are not close enough to come pick up we can ship; and the ones that find themselves needing more can always come back. Available just for a month or two or the whole year!

Gift Certificates

As always we also offer gift certificates for both the Bistro and Shop; Let's you lucky present holder pick for themselves what special gift to enjoy or have a wonderful night out enjoying cheese and wine and more!