The Welsh Rabbit Gift Bags

Our Gift Bags provide unique gifts for family, friends, and loved ones. You can also choose from one of our original three themed Gift Bags-- Breakfast in Bed, Sweetheart's, and Gentleman's -- or create your own Gift Bag!

Each of the Gift Bags receive the detailed attention of our cheesemongers. The contents are packed artfully into a quality paper bag printed with our whimsical Welsh Rabbit logo. By customer request, and with a few minor changes, the Gift Bags can be converted into a Gift Box for shipping purposes.

To order a Gift Bag, visit us at our 216 Pine Street location, or fill out our Gift Request Form.

(Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for the preparation of your Gift.)

Read below for more details.

Breakfast in Bed Gift Bag -- $29

Opening this Gift Bag is a great way for a loved one to begin the day:

  • Baguette from Ingrained Bakery: Baked fresh every day and just a few blocks away, this sourdough baguette is wonderful for slicing and eating as is, toasted, or battered and made into a lovely French Toast.
  • Honey Goat Cheese: A quarter-pound of one of our most popular cheeses. Sweet and creamy, this artisan cheese hand-crafted in Ontario, Canada is an irresistible spread on baguettes and bagels.
  • Mini Rose Ethereal Chocolate Bar: The familiar flavor of strawberries marries well with the floral note of rose petals. Pink peppercorns add a subtle element of surprise to this 66% dark chocolate bar.

Gentleman's Gift Bag -- $49

Although created with men in mind, the contents of this bag will be enjoyed by anyone with a taste for the ingredients that go into a good Scotch, beer, chocolate, and cheese!

  • Miller's Ale Chutney: A gently spicy & fruity chutney with a slug of English Real Ale made by Artisan Biscuits in Ashbourne, England.
  • Miller's Ale Crackers: Also made by Artisan Biscuits, this is a deeply savory and tweedy-textured, square cracker for cheese. Made from de-constructed beer ingredients: hops, roasted wheat, barley and malt, plus a generous splash of English Ale.
  • Cheddar Whisky: This quarter-pound of cheese is infused with genuine malt Scotch Whisky. The alcohol disappears while the cheese is aging, leaving behind a pleasant residual flavor -- slightly sweet with a hint of smokiness.
  • Funkwerks Cheddar: A quarter-pound wedge of this very tasty beer cheddar. Local dairy Cozy Cow uses beer from a local brewery called Funkwerks to create this wonderful cheese.
  • Pistachio Ethereal Chocolate: Organic 66% dark chocolate marries well with the satisfying crunch of pistachios, the fruity sweetness of dried cranberries and the added bonus of flakes of fleur de sel.
  • Bison Pastrami: Since buffalo is leaner than beef, Continental Sausage out of Denver, CO tenderizes the bottom round for days, giving it a tenderness and moisture that takes it above the average pastrami.

Sweet Mother's Gift Bag -- $25

  • Raspberry BellaVitano: One-third pound of Sartori's nutty, creamy, award-winning creation — soaked with handcrafted Raspberry Tart ale. The bright notes of ruby-red raspberries combine with hazelnut and brown-butter flavors to make a deliciously complex cheese.
  • Chocolove Raspberries in Dark Chocolate: Freeze-dried raspberry pieces enveloped in Belgian dark chocolate.
  • Copoco's Honey: Produced right here in Ft. Collins, CO, this is an award winning raw honey ready for drizzling on any variety of foods, sweetening your tea, or licking right off the spoon.
  • Fine English Charcoal Squares: Imported from England, these all-butter crackers, have a crumbly texture and delicate flavor that make them a natural and gentle partner for any cheese.

Spunky Mom's Gift Bag -- $35

  • Prima Donna: Three ounces of a gouda-style cheese from Holland that is a mix of a gruyere and a parmesan, resulting in a wonderful cheese with a crystalline texture, and a sweet, nutty flavor with a caramel aftertaste.
  • Havarti: Three ounces of Denmark's classic cheese -- pleasantly mild, with a creamy start and a tangy finish.
  • Harvest Song Sour Cherry Preserves: A sweet, tart and chunky artisanal preserve created with ingredients imported directly from Armenia.
  • Ethereal Inclusion Chocolate Bar: Ethereal Confections' remarkable creation comprised of 66% cacao, strawberries, mangoes, chiles, and sea salt.
  • 34 Degrees Crisps: Using only a handful of natural ingredients, this Colorado company carefully bakes wafer-thin crackers until they are subtly toasty and overtly tasty.

Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar is a collaboration between The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop and Bistro owners, a Northern Colorado food journalist and a group of up-and-coming local chefs, baristas and bartenders. With the help of a small startup team, we're bringing a new restaurant concept to the community, allowing participating chefs to design and perfect their dream menus by serving you Sunday dinner and brunch. No need to wait for the next new spot to open. Instead, come back to us each week to try out a new menu made with the most seasonal ingredients. We look forward to serving you. - Josie, Dean, Nate and the chefs

The Cheese Bistro

TWR Wine and Cheese Plate

An intimate space for enjoying food and friendship, The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro is an ideal place for an afternoon getaway or an enjoyable evening. Create your own cheese plate and pair it with a flight of wine or a glass of beer. Or try a selection from our new Peasant Fare Menu!

Welsh Rabbit Gifts Ideas

Whether you are celebrating a special day, thanking a business partner, or simply want to surprise a loved one, we have unique gift ideas at The Welsh Rabbit. The holidays are coming soon and we have gift boxes, platters for parties, cheese of the month club, and gift certificates available to make someone feel very special!