The Welsh Rabbit Gift Boxes

Our Gift Boxes provide unique gifts for family and friends. Feel free to choose from some of our prebuilt options:
-- Local, Shop Favorites, Italian Cuisine and All Meat -- or create your own Gift Box! We can do it all and accommodate most needs, all we need is a budget and 24 hours. The cheeses selected for these Gift Boxes travel well, so they are ideal for shipping. (Please note that the prices below do not include shipping.)

Each of the Gift Boxes will be created to order by one of our cheesemongers, and is beautifully packaged into locally sourced beetle kill pine boxes that have been crafted by the artisan behind Pin and Scroll.

To order a Gift Box, contact us at our 216 Pine Street location, or fill out our Gift Request Form. Read below for more details.

Please note: Occasionally we sell out of one or more of the cheeses and/or accoutraments. (People love them!) If that happens, we promise to supply another great-tasting product that suits the needs of each gift box.

Keep It Simple -- $25

  • Powerful Welsh Cheddar: Approximately a half of a pound of this wonderful representation of a complex white cheddar from Colliers dairy.
  • Nita Crisp Crackers: A two ounce bag of hand cut flatbread crackers. Made in small batches right here in Fort Collins.
  • Want a cured meat added or maybe gluten free crackers, just ask and we will customize this box to your needs
  • Local Box

Local Box - - $30

All the delicious flavors from Fort Collins

  • Rocky Mountain Cheddar aged on average 3 years making a super sharp cheddar with a ton of crystalized proteins while still being creamy.
  • Mouco camembert rounds are a creamy mushroomy delight
  • Nita Crisp 2 ounce bag of flatbread crackers are as addicting as ever with a nice crunch and subtle flavor to compliment any cheese

Shop Favorites -- $40

This delicious gift box has all our favorites from the shop:

  • Powerful Welsh Cheddar: Approximately four ounces of our bestseller. Made in honor of the miners in Wales, this cows' milk cheddar is sharp yet slightly sweet.
  • Prima Donna: Approximately four ounces. Made in Dutch country this gouda style has a twist of parmesan making it a unique much loved cheese.
  • Fruit Paste: Made with real fruit and natural ingredients. Designed to freshen and cleanse the palate, fruit paste is the perfect accompaniment to any gift box.
  • 34 Degrees Crackers: Delightfully light, crisp and all-natural. Made right here in Colorado.
  • Chocolove: This delightful chocolate from Boulder Colorado comes in all flavors to accompany any cheese.
  • Like the Welsh Rabbit Slate board, just ask it makes a beautiful add on or separate gift.


Spanish Infusion -- $65

Take a quick trip to Spain with this tasty gift box:

  • Manchego: Three ounces of flavorful sheep's milk cheese with a light floral scent and nutty flavor.
  • Campo de Maltaban: Approx. three ounces. Campo de Montalban is a cow, sheep and goat’s milk cheese from La Mancha. Aged 90 days, Campo de Montalban is rich and buttery and finishes with a perfect balance in your mouth.
  • Quince Fruit Paste: Quince (membrillo, in Spanish) comes into season just in time for the holidays, and it's delicious with regional cheeses.
  • 34 Degree Crackers: Delightfully light, crisp and all-natural. Made right here in Colorado.
  • Olli Calabrese: Calabrese is a spicy salame that gets its kick from cayenne pepper and paprika.
  • Chocohigos: Plump and juicy Pajarero figs are enrobed with rich, dark, earthy chocolate. This product is handmade artisanally in Valencia by four brothers who take great pride in their work.

Pasta Night -- $75

Everything you need for an unforgettable pasta night:

  • Parmigiano Reggiano: This traditional parmesan is the perfect accompaniment to any pasta dish.
  • Select Italian Cheese: Four ounces of a special Italian cheese that we have in shop to accompany this delightful pasta dinner.
  • Pici Pasta: Pici pasta is a spaghetti balled up that is thick and soaks up any sauce.
  • Italian Dry Salame: A classic Italian salami that brings subtle flavor and highlights the pasta dish beautifully.
  • Abruzzese Sugo al Pomodoro Pasta Sauce: This classic Italian Abruzzo red sauce is made in small batches by Casina Rossa using fresh tomatoes, oregano, garden vegetables and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Boska Cheese Grater: This hand grater makes life easier when grating small batch cheese for a simple evening of pasta and salame.

Custom Gift Box

Desire a personalized gift but have no idea where to begin.. No Problem, in fact we love working from scratch!
With our Custom Gift Box option one of our cheesemongers will assist you in putting together a balanced selection of cheeses, meats and everything that pairs with it for the perfect gift that says everything and tastes delicious. Fill out our order form and one of our mongers will contact you within 24 hours to discuss this ideal gift for any occasion.

Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar is a collaboration between The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop and Bistro owners, a Northern Colorado food journalist and a group of up-and-coming local chefs, baristas and bartenders. With the help of a small startup team, we're bringing a new restaurant concept to the community, allowing participating chefs to design and perfect their dream menus by serving you Sunday dinner and brunch. No need to wait for the next new spot to open. Instead, come back to us each week to try out a new menu made with the most seasonal ingredients. We look forward to serving you. - Josie, Dean, Nate and the chefs

The Cheese Bistro

TWR Wine and Cheese Plate

An intimate space for enjoying food and friendship, The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro is an ideal place for an afternoon getaway or an enjoyable evening. Create your own cheese plate and pair it with a flight of wine or a glass of beer. Or try a selection from our new Peasant Fare Menu!

Welsh Rabbit Gifts Ideas

Whether you are celebrating a special day, thanking a business partner, or simply want to surprise a loved one, we have unique gift ideas at The Welsh Rabbit. The holidays are coming soon and we have gift boxes, platters for parties, cheese of the month club, and gift certificates available to make someone feel very special!