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The Welsh Rabbit is owned and run by Dean and Nancy, and Nate Hines.

The eldest brother, Dean, moved to Fort Collins in the mid-80's, married Nancy, and never left (except for the occasional international adventure). The youngest brother, Nate, cowboyed throughout the southwest, became a chef, and eventually joined Dean and Nancy in Fort Collins to dream about starting a family venture.

Three commitments guided them: love of family, appreciation of Slow Food, and listening to the community. Out of these emerged The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop (one part cheese shop, one part cheese bistro), which opened in Fort Collins' historic downtown in the spring of 2012.

The community responded with greater pleasure than anticipated! In just over a year, the decision was made to expand the bistro side of The Welsh Rabbit to a new location around the corner at [200B Walnut Street], while keeping the already beloved retail location on Pine Street.

The Hines family and our growing team remain committed to the priorities of good relationships and Slow Food, both of which intersect in the whimsical, quality place that is The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop and Bistro.



Nate Hines

Dean & Nancy Hines