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200B Walnut Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524  |  970.232.9521


"a place to start, finish, or linger" 

An intimate space with Old World charm for enjoying food and friendship, The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro is an ideal place for an afternoon getaway or an enjoyable evening. Create your own cheese plate and pair it with a flight of wine or a glass of beer. Or try a selection from our Small Bites menu!


—  e A T  —


Cheese & Meats

Read through our list of cheeses and charcuteries with their descriptions, and make note of the ones you want to add to your cheese plate. Don't forget to consider baguettes, olives, nuts, and seasonal fruit!




Small Bites

Food once eaten by peasants, then elevated to expensive delicacies, now served to you in affordable bite-sized portions for your enjoyment. Sometimes on the more unusual side but always done deliciously and can make you change your mind about trying things you have never had before.



—  D R I N K  —



Our wine selections are compiled seasonally by sundry friends who love wine. You can order them by the flight so you can sample several wines, or by the bottle, glass, or half glass.




With it being Fort Collins, of course we have a choice of beers and ciders from several of our local breweries. With our menu constantly changing, you'll want to come in and try them before they're gone!



—  D e s s e r t  —

Handmade exclusively in-house

—  Ice Cream Flight  —
made with locally sourced beers (rotating flavors) 

—  Sheep's Cheesecake with Tuille Crackers—
smoked vanilla bean, cinnamon