Blues Gift Box

Blues Gift Box


For that blue cheese lover in your life, this gift box contains four portions of blue cheese increasing in strength to give you a perfect cheese spread. 


Extra Small Wooden Gift Box
From locally sourced beetle kill pine, hand crafted by a local woodworker. 

Blue Jay
Blue? Check! Surprise? Check! (Juniper berries) One of our new favorites form Wisconsin.
   Cow's Milk. Microbial Rennet. Pasteurized.

A long standing best seller, from Denmark, this blue reminds us of tart blueberries.
   Cow's Milk. Traditional Rennet. Pasteurized.

Miti Bleu
Spain's take on Roquefort.  Wow. 
   Sheep's Milk. Traditional Rennet.  Pasteurized.

Fior D'Arancio
Dean's current (one of the brothers) favorite. Soaked in Moscato wine, topped with candied orange rind, and calling for Prosecco. From Italy.
   Cow's Milk.  Traditional Rennet.  Pasteurized.

Nita Crisp Minis
Locally made, crunchy lightly toasty.

Fig and Almond Fruit Paste Pyramid
Hearkens from Australia and is pressed figs and almonds. If you haven't had figs and blue cheese, you don't know what you're missing.

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