Chocolate + Wine Gift Box

Chocolate + Wine Gift Box


You pick up your favorite wine and we will take care of the rest. The perfect dessert box for the chocolate and wine lover we all know. 


Small Gift Box
From locally sourced beetle kill pine, hand crafted by a local woodworker. 

Moliterno al Vino
A harder sheep's milk cheese from Italy, soaked in Amarone wine for a month. Jeepers.
Sheep's Milk.  Traditional Rennet.  Pasteurized.

Chocolate or Lemon Baked Ricotta
Americans don't eat cheese for dessert...this Italian cheese begs....WHY?! 
   Water Buffalo/Cow's Milk. Traditional Rennet.  Pasteurized.

Espresso Marshmallows
Yes, marshmallows.  Trust us.

Cherry Fruit Paste

Tart Cherries

Peter's Yard Crispbreads

33 Glasses of Wine Book
To keep track of your wine exploits.

*Gift boxes available for in-store pickup or local Fort Collins delivery only. Shipping closed for outside of Fort Collins.*

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