Sweet + Spicy Gift Box

Sweet + Spicy Gift Box


Why pick just one? This box will equally balance the taste buds. Pair the raspberry jalapeno jam with the rich creamy triple cream brie for the perfect sweet and spicy combo. 


Medium Wooden Gift Box
From locally sourced beetle kill pine, hand crafted by a local woodworker. 

Tickler Cheddar
Think the Brit's eat bland?  5 chilies and peppers will have you reconsidering...
Cow's Milk.  Microbial Rennet.  Pasteurized.

Double Creme Brie
French Brie...just to cool down the above hotness.
Cow's Milk.  Traditional Rennet.  Pasteurized.

Salame Piccante

Raspberry Jalapeno Jam

Peter's Yard Crispbreads

Chocolove bar

Dark chocolate covered figs.

*Gift boxes available for in-store pickup or local Fort Collins delivery only. Shipping closed for outside of Fort Collins.*

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