Spiced Gift Box

Spiced Gift Box


It's that time of year, where spiced foods and drinks are acceptable again. This gift box highlights three seasonal cheeses that are sure to warm up the palette. 


Small Wooden Gift Box
From locally sourced beetle kill pine, hand crafted by a local woodworker.

Wensleydale with Cranberries
The cheese? Crisp, crumbly and snackable. The cranberries?  Red. Merry ol' England.
 Cow's Milk.  Vegetarian Rennet.  Pasteurized.

Gouda Melkbus 125
From a small artisan producer in Holland.  Warmed with spices.
     Cow's Milk.  Traditional Rennet.  Raw Milk

The Doe
Handcrafted Wisconsin Cheddar marbled with intoxicatingly aromatic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean.
Cow's Milk.  Microbial Rennet.  Pasteurized.

Cranberry Pumpkin Kii Crackers

Fig Almond Cake

*Gift boxes available for in-store pickup or local Fort Collins delivery only. Shipping closed for outside of Fort Collins.*

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